Tokenomics Overview

Efficient Resource Allocation for Sustainable Growth

At BobaCat, our tokenomics are designed to ensure sustainable project growth and reward our community. Following our migration from the BSC to the Ethereum network, we've implemented a strategic distribution of tokens to support our ecosystem's expansion and stability.

Token Distribution:

  • Total Supply: 1 billion $PSPS tokens

  • Transaction Tax: 1% on buys and sells, allocated for marketing and charitable initiatives

Contract Address:


Token Distribution:

Detailed Allocation:

  • Airdrop to Old Holders: 43.3% (Old holder trading activity can be referenced via BscScan using our previous contract address)

  • Liquidity Pool: 9.7% (LP tokens are locked to ensure market stability; details here: Uni V2 LP Lock)

  • Burn: 42% (Enhancing token scarcity and value over time)

Migration from BSC to Ethereum:

The transition from BSC to Ethereum was a significant milestone for BobaCat, aimed at leveraging Ethereum's robust network capabilities and broader adoption. Holders from the BSC network were seamlessly transitioned to the Ethereum network, with no further allocations planned. This one-time strategic move has solidified our tokenomics and distribution framework.

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