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To qualify for our weekly airdrops:

1️⃣ Include the $psps hashtag in your tweets.

2️⃣ Follow our main account: @BobaCatPsps

Boost your engagement with these tips:

✨ Share your genuine thoughts and creative content about BobaCat.

✨ Dive deep into our project through Boba Journals: Explore Here

✨ Quality over quantity – avoid spam and focus on meaningful posts.

✨ Engage with the community by creating new memes or sharing thoughtful comments.

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Important reminders:

📅 Airdrops happen every Monday for selected daily tweets.

📨 If you're chosen, our main account will contact you via X/Twitter; beware of impersonators.

❌ No other airdrops are ongoing, and our team won't add you to groups.

🛡️ Adjust settings to prevent unauthorized group additions and report scams immediately.

Use https://imgflip.com/memegenerator for static images or https://www.kapwing.com/studio/editor for GIF

Join our Memes Channel where community members share their memes! It's an easy source for you to get content for your next post about BobaCat. https://t.me/bobamemes

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